Our Approach

Max Photo Photography studio is located in Robinson, Texas it is in a separate building on our property.  We offer many props, background for those gorgous images, from baskets, to little beds, to hand knitted bonnets in different colors.  Best images will be picked and edited.

Our Story

Every business has a beginning and this is how mine started.  Artistic side was passed from my mom to me.  I enjoy creating, drawing, designing and of course taking picture.  As, I grew older I always had an eye how to capture a great image and practiced on anything I saw.  When I became a mother, I fell in love with that little, precious gift that God gave me and realized how quick he grew, it never gets old to go back and look at those pictures how small he was.  I always knew that someday I will be a business owner, but never knew what kind, more and more people kept telling me that my images look great and I should do this as a business.  After many classes and learning from different photographers finally here I am enjoying in what I do, it makes me happy to see my clients happy.

Cheers Anna Gaudin